Portrait: “Prosperity and Pollution”

IMG_750475hoodietracedProsperity and Pollution

The process of making this piece was very interesting. It started with taking a picture in the perfect lighting, sketching the picture, and painting the piece. I think my favorite part was painting the piece and choosing a background that would complete the entire piece. My intent is to show that despite China’s economic success over the years, its environment is harmful and very polluted. The surgical mask is a symbol of the pollution and issues that people in China have to deal with on a daily basis. I want others to be informed of the current pollution in China and understand that the use of harmful gases needs to be limited and contained. I hope that by looking at this pieces, other people can be more aware of the harmful enviroment issues that we face today.


Composite: “Adventure Awaits”


This piece, which is a composite, is inspired by what I envision when I open a secret trap door. My intent is to show that when you are with your best friends, adventure is endless. In this piece, the people swinging through the city symbolize the freedom and adventure I experience when I am with my friends. The expansiveness of the city and the sky symbolize the endless fun and never-ending possibilities I have when I am with friends. My favorite part of the artist process is the design and composition part because it allows me to freely express myself, which is what I always get to do when I am with my friends. I want others to feel excited to have fun with their friends when they see my artwork. I hope that by looking at my piece, others can see that true friendship brings endless fun.

Sfumato & Chiaroscuro Portrait: “Chinatown’s Very Own”


This piece was inspired by some cool graffiti I saw while I was walking down the streets of Chinatown. My intent is to show the beauty of Chinese street art. I used shading techniques such as chiaroscuro and sfumato in this painting. The graffiti designs below the model’s face are various types of phrases that are commonly painted by Chinese graffiti artists. My favorite part of this process was adding the graffiti to the painting. Picking out the different types of designs I could spray paint onto this piece was super fun because it allowed me to explore even more Chinese graffiti. I want others to feel inspired when they see this piece. I want them to understand that street art is an intriguing and compelling form of art.

Skull: “The Circle of Life”


This piece is inspired by the loved ones in my life who have passed away. I hold this piece dear to my heart because it symbolizes the beauty that I hope is surrounding them as they is up there, watching over me. I made this piece bright because I want my loved ones to be surrounded by color and happiness. I included butterflies flying around because they are a symbol of reincarnation. My favorite part of this process was sketching the skull and all its little parts. This allowed me to really get creative and add designs that were personal to me. I hope that by looking at this peace, others can see the beauty of afterlife.

Notan: “Lavender Evening”


This piece is called a  notan, and it resembles my love for the beach. My intent is to show that when I am at the beach during evening time, I feel as relaxed and calm as lavender. In this piece, the girl in the middle represents me in a calm state. The color purple always reminds me of soothing lavender, which is why I picked to paint myself purple. The stars in the sky are my favorite part in this piece–I love stars and find them to be one of the most soothing things in nature.  I want others to feel relaxed and at ease when they see this piece. Looking at it makes me feel calmer, and I hope that others can receive that same feeling when they view my notan.

Font Face: “Meghan”


This piece is inspired by my vision of a chic, ambitious, and independent woman named Meghan. My intent is to have viewers admire her class and posh charm, but at the same time, analyze her distinct features. In this piece, her “expensive earrings” symbolize the lavish things she spends her money on. Her sunglasses symbolize her coolness, but also her vulnerability. My favorite part of this process is the composition part because it was fun to find letters that would allow me to create Meghan’s features. I hope that others will enjoy Meghan’s appearance and be able to dig deeper into what her features say about her.